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Fracking: We must protect Brevard County’s beaches, waterways, and unique ecosystems that are on the verge of collapse from agricultural and industrial mismanagement, offshore drilling, and fracking.

Clean Water: Access to clean, safe drinking water and access to food is a basic human right. We must prevent the environmental pollution that threatens our water and food supply.

Energy: Conversion to renewable energy not only protects the climate and environment for future Americans but also secures our nation against global conflict over increasingly scarce fossil fuels.

Climate Change: Climate change research is an integral part of understanding how to best preserve our ecosystem; federal funding for climate research must be protected.


Unemployment: I also believe in protecting prosperity for those who cannot work—including the sick, vulnerable, disabled, elderly, and those experiencing trauma or transition.

Jobs: Renew the American dream that allows for socio-economic mobility through secure jobs that offer dignity, work-life balance, and fulfillment of both human needs and human potential.

Minimum Wage: I believe in a livable wage, fair compensation for all, and in building an economy that capitalizes on human potential rather than human suffering.

Infrastructure: I support investment in job creation and training to support our country’s conversion to renewable clean energy sources, as well as the construction of a more sustainable infrastructure.


College Affordability: The decision for higher education should show commitment but the cost of obtaining a University diploma has skyrocketed, making it a financial burden for graduates for decades after.

Charter Schools: The constitution outlines the separation of church and state. I do not support funneling public tax dollars to private religious organizations and charter schools.

Educators: Educators have a vital role in raising the next generation. I support measures that ensure they are rewarded for taking on this responsibility. Teachers ability to collectively bargain is vital.

K-12: I believe all children have the right to a quality public education from K to 12. I realize that our economy depends on the expansion of an educated workforce ready to create the future.

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